Spanish Immersion

Spanish is the vehicle for content instruction at Piccolino; it is not the subject of instruction.

About us

Immersion is defined as a method of foreign language instruction in which the regular preschool curriculum is taught through the medium of the second language, Spanish. Piccolino is a full immersion language preschool, meaning educators speak in Spanish 100% of the day, every day – with the understanding that we nurture and support children, if needed, in their native language (English). We present our language program in the same way we present instruction in all curriculum areas. Children incorporate new information into their lives as they are able to process it and comprehend it. The children’s ability to accept and understand Spanish comes as they progress through our program month after month.

The Benefits of Bilingualism

Learning a new language at any age is an enormously rewarding experience in many ways. While language learning is an enriching experience for all ages, children have the most to gain from this wonderful adventure. Quite simply, starting early offers the widest possible set of benefits and opportunities. Children understand intuitively that language is something to explore, to play around with, and to enjoy. Their enthusiasm is both infectious and effective. The quickness with which they pick up their first language is nearly miraculous—and such a joy to watch as a parent. As children grow, all parents can attest to how much fun their children continue to have as they sing new words they hear and even invent new ones with a huge, bright smile. The joy with which children explore their first language makes childhood the ideal time for a second language—even if all the other reasons for an early start didn’t exist! But there are many other reasons, and while this list does not exhaust the number and variety of advantages starting a language early can provide, these are some of the most notable benefits:

  • Higher test scores
  • Better and more advanced reading skills
  • Greater confidence
  • Gives brains a boost
  • Natural-sounding, native-like accent
  • Greater opportunities for college and careers
  • Bigger view of the world
  • Greater grasp of one’s first language—including a bigger, richer vocabulary
  • Building and keeping cultural connections
  • An all-family activity