Our Programs

We provide a warm environment, in which we nurture and strengthen our children's talents to create extraordinary kids, through multicultural experiences in a Spanish setting.

Admissions & Programs



To enroll at Piccolino Spanish Pre-school you will need to complete an enrollment form providing details about your child. When a position has been confirmed available, a $100 enrollment & curriculum fee will immediately be due to secure your child’s spot. Your child’s spot will not be considered secure until the enrollment and curriculum fee has been paid.

Waiting List

If there are no positions available for your child, you may place him/her on a waiting list and we will call you as soon when there is an opening. The fee to place your child on a waiting list is $50 per child and will be applied towards the enrollment fee when a position becomes available.


Piccolino Spanish Pre-school is committed to our policy of having affordable fees while maintaining the highest level of care and education. You will find our fees compare favorably to other facilities in the area. Please contact us for rates.


Chipis: 18 – 24 months.

Our Chipis group is designed for walking aged toddlers who are developmentally ready for age appropriate activities such as finger games, art and music experiences, gross motor development, feeding independence, development of verbal and social skills, as well as quiet nurturing times.

Peques: 2 years.

Our Peques group is designed for children that are two years of age with basic verbal and social skills. They are provided with a classroom environment with areas for art, dramatic play, blocks, manipulative and quiet time. Toilet training is worked on cooperatively with the parents when each child is ready.

Picolos: 3 years.

Our Picolos group is designed for children 3 years of age who are toilet trained. Activities are designed to increase attention span, develop listening skills and encourage positive socialization. Music, art, science and other experiences will enhance each child's individual growth.

Titanes: 4-5 years.

Our Titanes group is designed for children who are preparing to enter kindergarten. They will experience activities designed for cognitive, emotional, physical and social growth.